Northern California Longshoreman Drowns On Job

An investigation was being conducted late last month to probe the circumstances under which 77-year-old longshoreman, Delmont Blakeney, of Oakland, CA died. Reports say fellow workers have blamed the drowning on the lack of safety ladders in the area in which he drowned.

Blakeney was reportedly trying to free a cargo container from his vessel when it came loose and threw him overboard just before 11 p.m. one Saturday evening. Blakeney remained in the frigid waters of the San Francisco Bay for nearly 40 minutes before his coworkers were able to find a ladder and pull Blakeney to shore, according to Craig Merrilees, a spokesman for International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

Although Blakeney was reportedly given CPR and transported to a hospital, he was later pronounced dead. Reports also say that earlier this month, another longshoreman fell into the waters and had to wait for nearly an hour while colleagues searched for a ladder to rescue him.

Docks are quite a bit higher than the water line and it is impossible to climb ashore from where the men fell.

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