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NYC Swimming Pool Drowning Accident Lawsuits

New York City is one of the top metropolitan vacation destinations in the United States. To beat the unnatural heat that often swelters in heavily asphalted regions like NYC, people love to dive into swimming pools. Unfortunately, most of those swimming pools aren’t safely maintained, and hundreds of swimming pool accidents and otherwise preventable drowning deaths happen across the state each year.

The Doan Law Firm in NYC is proud to stand up for people who have lost loved ones in swimming pool drowning accidents. If your loved one drowned because a property owner didn’t secure a swimming pool, then we want to bring a lawsuit against them. Justice and compensation are both owed to you, and we know how to fight for them.

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NYC Swimming Pool Drowning Deaths

In New York City and other major metropolitan cities, children are statistically at a higher risk of drowning than other demographics. Children are not strong swimmers and require constant supervision in pools. Children from lower-income households are even more likely to be weak swimmers due to fewer opportunities to take swimming classes.

Some of the leading causes of NYC child swimming pool drowning accidents are:

  • No supervision
  • No lifeguard on duty
  • No gates or fences around pools
  • No lifesaving equipment at pools

Virtually every single child drowning death in New York City swimming pools should be preventable with even a little more care. Our firm has found that negligence is behind practically all child swimming pool deaths, which means almost every incident warrants a lawsuit against the pool owner or manager.

Where are NYC Swimming Pools?

Go to any skyscraper in NYC and you will probably see a swimming pool. Each one of these pools is a place where an accidental drowning can occur if safety is not kept as the top priority.

Swimming pools in NYC tend to happen at:

  • Apartment building swimming pools
  • Resort swimming pools
  • Public swimming pools
  • Park swimming pools

The rate of accidental drownings at each type of pool is directly proportional to the number of those pools in NYC. In other words, the risk of someone drowning at a pool is not increased or decreased purely by what type of pool it is. This proves that swimming pool safety is a must for every pool in the Big Apple.

Resort Swimming Pools Aren’t Always Safe

When you go to a resort and see a swimming pool, you probably assume that some of the costs of staying there are being used to keep that pool safe. There should be a lifeguard at all times and lifepreservers nearby. However, this assumption is often incorrect

Most swimming pools in resorts and hotels in NYC do not have a lifeguard posted there. In fact, the majority of NYC hotels don’t employ a lifeguard or emergency response team at all. Many of those pools don’t even have a life preserver available in a crisis.

This illusion of safety has surely contributed to many accidental swimming pool drowning deaths in NYC. People jump into the pool and think they will be helped if they need it, but no help comes. We believe resorts and hotels should be held accountable for creating such unsafe swimming spaces.

Residential Swimming Pool Dangers

Although you aren’t likely to find a suburban house anywhere near the heart of NYC, many swimming pools in the city are privately owned and technically residential. Just like resort swimming pools, residential swimming pools can be deceptively dangerous because there are no safety steps in place to protect swimmers. We can sue residential swimming pool owners if they do not secure the pool and keep it safe for everyone who uses it.

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