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Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the most popular cities for vacationers, especially in the South. It has many amazing sights to see and resorts to stay in. It also has too many swimming pool deaths because even a single drowning accident caused by negligence is one too many.

The Doan Law Firm in Atlanta proudly offers legal counsel to anyone who has lost a loved one to a swimming pool accident in the city and the surrounding area. We know how to demand full compensation for you, so you can try to put the worst pain of the incident behind you. Also, by holding swimming pool owners and resorts liable for negligence, we hope to help prevent future drowning deaths in Atlanta.

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How Child Swimming Pool Deaths Happen

Swimming pool deaths involving children don’t just happen randomly. They essentially only happen due to negligence. In Atlanta, such negligence causes too many child swimming pool drowning deaths each year.

Commonplace forms of negligence that cause child drowning deaths in Atlanta include:

  • No supervision near swimming pools
  • No pool gates or locking fences
  • No free swimming lessons available for children
  • No life preservers kept at public pools

The underlying and harsh truth is that all child swimming pool deaths in Atlanta should be preventable. All it takes to stop a child from fatally drowning in a swimming pool is for adults to be more responsible. Specifically, the parties that own or manage the pool can take a few fast steps to make pools much, much safer for children and teenagers.

Frequent Sites of Pool Accidents in Atlanta

Swimming pool accidents can happen anywhere there is a swimming pool, especially if that swimming pool is not monitored and secured. However, drowning accidents happen most often in specific types of swimming pools.

Swimming pool deaths in Atlanta happen the most often at:

  • Apartment complex swimming pools
  • Resort swimming pools
  • Hotel or motel swimming pools
  • Public swimming pools

Resort swimming pools are particularly dangerous because they may seem, at first glance, to be a safe place to go swimming. However, most resorts in Atlanta don’t employ a lifeguard and don’t keep life preservers nearby. This false sense of security puts countless people, especially children and elders, at risk of drowning accidents each year.

Watch Out for Residential Swimming Pools

Residential swimming pools, like those that might be owned by your neighbor, can also be dangerous for children. Private swimming pools like these aren’t held to the same standards as public pools or those offered to patrons, like a resort swimming pool. As such, most residential swimming pools will have absolutely no safety precautions in place to protect people from drowning incidents.

However, if your child drowned in a residential swimming pool, you might be able to hold that homeowner liable. We can work to prove that they did not do enough to secure the pool and stop children from entering it unattended.

Fight! Your Loved One’s Memory Deserves It

The Doan Law Firm in Atlanta is ready to fight for you and the memory of your loved one who passed away in a fatal swimming pool accident. We offer no-cost, no-obligation consultations to discuss your legal options, so we can see if we are the right fit for your case. As a law firm that focuses entirely on swimming pool accident lawsuits, we are confident that we will be the right choice.

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