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Every winter, tragic stories emerge of families losing a child or other loved one to an ice drowning accident. In Prescott, Iowa, two young brothers drown in a pond after falling through thin ice. No one witnessed the tragedy but the boys' family discovered their belongings near a hole in the ice and feared the worst. Sometimes these child drowning accidents are the result of unfortunate circumstances, but other times, there could have been more done on the part of the property owners to avoid the calamity.

In other cases, the victim was under the supervision of someone who did not do his or her job properly. In any situation, if negligence has played a role in the loss of life, it should be accounted for legally. If you have experienced an ice drowning tragedy in your family, let a knowledgeable drowning attorney at The Doan Law Firm, P.C. examine your case with care and compassion and guide you through the lawsuit process.

Never Trust the Ice

According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, ice on a body of water is inherently unsafe because it does not freeze evenly. The thickness can vary significantly from the shoreline to the center of the pond or lake.

The quality or thickness of the ice is also affected by factors such as:

  • Objects embedded in the ice
  • Snow on top of the ice
  • Temperature of the water underneath

In general, therefore, walking, skating, or playing on a frozen body of water is not advisable under any circumstance, especially for children or anyone who is alone.

Turn to a Drowning Lawyer Who Will Fight for Compensation

Ice injury and drowning deaths are not always related to children innocently playing on a pond. Sometimes they are the result of poor judgment, such as a driver who took a vehicle full of passengers out onto the ice. Other times, tragedy strikes because the danger of thin ice has not been clearly explained and posted in recreational areas such as state parks or even on private property. In these cases, the victims deserve the help of aggressive legal representation that will pursue full compensation for damages. If you have experienced injury or the loss of a loved one due to negligence from another party, The Doan Law Firm, P.C. team can help you decide how to pursue justice for your case.

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