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Child Drowning Accidents

Getting Justice Served in the face of Tragedy

As any parent will tell you, there is nothing more devastating or painful than having your child seriously injured or killed in an accident at the hands of another. After such a tragic accident it is common for parents to be confused as to what actions they should take. They are often left seconding guess their decisions and wondering if there was anything they could or should have done to prevent the drowning or near-drowning from happening in the first place.

It is during these difficult times that you want Attorney Doan and The Doan Law Firm, P.C. by your side to provide you with the compassionate support, understanding and legal representation you need to get justice served in the face of such a tragedy. His firm can have a highly-trained investigative team at the scene of the accident within 24 hours of your call. While you put your attention on your child's physical and emotional needs, or take the time to grieve, he and his legal team will work unrelentingly to determine the cause of the accident and gather the evidence necessary to prove liability.

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Aggressive Representation from a Drowning Lawyer

While some may be quick to blame an innocent child for being somewhere they shouldn't have been, Attorney Doan has enough familiarity with drowning accident cases that he knows where to look and how to find acts of negligence that can be directly tied to the accident itself.

It could have been that an inattentive caregiver allowed the child to wander out of his or her sight, or perhaps the pool owner was negligent with pool maintenance. Attorney Doan and his firm will stop at nothing to prove liability when another person's actions or inactions are responsible for causing your child to sustain serious harm or life-threatening injuries.

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By filing a lawsuit or claim on your behalf, he can help you seek damages to cover medical costs, pain and suffering, physical therapy, long-term care and more. In many states there is a statute of limitations for these types of accidents. To protect your right to pursue legal action and recover financial damages, it is extremely important that you act fast.

If you want to find out more about drowning accidents & your rights, or you wish to obtain his counsel, it is advised that you contact his firm at your earliest convenience.

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