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Water Park Accidents

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Water parks can provide hours of entertainment for local families and visitors during the hot summer months. With so many lifeguards and staff members around, it can be difficult to imagine any accidents or fatalities occurring. Sadly, each year a number of individuals are hurt or killed in pools or on rides at water parks. If you or a loved one were involved in a water park accident, it is critical to have a knowledgeable drowning attorney advocating for you. The Doan Law Firm, P.C. understands how to handle aquatic accident claims and is dedicated to fighting for fair compensation for victims and their families.

Water Park Regulations

Water parks fall into the category of public pools and spas, and must meet certain federal safety requirements. Designed to limit the number of injuries and drowning accidents in public pools, federal laws such as the Virginia Graeme Baker Act mandate that pool and spa drains have proper anti-entrapment covers. Regulations also include the supervision of swimmers and other precautions. Some water parks may have fallen into disrepair or may have failed to update their equipment to meet the latest standards.

In these situations, liability can be fairly simple to prove since the parks would be in violation of federal law. However, even if a water park had proper drain covers and employed a number of lifeguards, negligence could still be a factor in an accident. For example if the park let swimmers use pools in which one could not see the bottom, or if they had inattentive lifeguards on duty, the park or operating company could still be legally responsible for the accident that occurred.

Work with an Attorney to Get Compensation

No family should have to suffer the medical and emotional toll that can come with a water park accident. A skilled drowning lawyer from the firm can help by reviewing your case, gathering evidence to show any liability present, and fighting for compensation for the damages you have incurred. When you work with the legal team at the firm, you benefit from the experience and know-how of a large firm and the personal one-on-one attention that only a boutique law firm can provide. Attorney Jimmy Doan and his team can help you understand your options and choose the course of action that is best for you and your family.

Contact a drowning attorney today to get the help you need.

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