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According to the Metro Chicago Water Safety Task Force Metro Chicago (WSTF), accidental drowning deaths in Chicago are a serious problem made even worse by a lack of reliable data. The city and Cook County are currently doing very little to record and track information about swimming pool drowning deaths. This gap in data makes it really difficult to improve swimming pool safety, which only worsens the risk of accidental drowning.

The Doan Law Firm is on a mission to help bring the number of swimming pool accidents in Chicago down to zero. We contribute by offering our comprehensive and highly experienced legal services to anyone who has lost a loved one in a swimming pool fatal drowning accident. Let us know right away if this has happened to you. We could help secure justice and compensation for your family while also pushing for important legal updates to make swimming pools safer across the city.

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Chicago Drowning Deaths

Although the data about preventable drowning deaths in Chicago is incomplete, there is still much to be learned from what is known.

The Metro Chicago WSTF has reported that:

  • Nearly 50% of all children in Chicago haven’t had swim lessons or aren’t strong swimmers.
  • Children in lower-income and BIPOC households are less likely to have access to swimming classes and are considered at a higher risk of accidental drowning.
  • Lake Michigan is the deadliest body of water in the country.
  • Drowning is likely the third-leading cause of preventable deaths in Chicago, but the data isn’t conclusive.

Regulated Chicago Swimming Pools

Chicago has rules and regulations regarding swimming pool safety precautions in various locations. Most of these regulations apply to swimming pools that are accessible to the public or patrons, rather than private swimming pools in backyards.

Examples of regulated swimming pools in Chicago include those located at:

  • Residential complexes
  • Gyms and health clubs
  • Schools
  • Youth centers
  • Spas
  • Theme parks

It is believed that the drowning rate at each type of pool is proportional to the commonality of that pool. For example, if there are more pools in residential complexes than schools in the Chicago area, then there are likely to be more accidental drownings in residential complex pools than in school pools.

The risk of accidental drownings in commercial and regulated swimming pools might be increased by the false sense of security that many swimmers feel in these locations. For example, hotel guests would understandably assume that there will be a lifeguard and life-saving floatation device at the hotel pool because they paid to use it. Yet most swimming pools in resorts do not have a lifeguard and some don’t even have floatation assistance devices readily available.

Residential Swimming Pools in Chicago

Illinois has an attractive nuisance law that requires homeowners with pools to take appropriate steps to secure those pools from children who walk by the property. Under this doctrine, it is expected there to be reasonable deterrents from keeping children from trespassing to access the pool, which could result in a drowning accident. In this way, swimming pools on private property are also regulated.

If you lost a loved one in someone else’s swimming pool, then our Chicago drowning accident lawyers want to hear from you. Whether you need to bring a claim against a neighbor or friend, we would be honored to stand up for you and your lost loved one.

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