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Known internationally as the Sunshine State, Florida tops the list as one of the best-liked vacation spots in the United States. Florida is at the pinnacle of other lists as well. Florida is number one in the United States for the number of people who die each year in swimming pool drowning accidents, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Between 2018 and 2020, an alarming 413 lost their lives in Florida swimming pool accidents. That represents nearly 25 percent of the total number of people who drowned in pools across the country in the same period.

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Florida Child Swimming Pool Drowning Deaths

Tragically, of the 413 people who died by drowning in pools, 156 of those Florida pool drowning accidents involved children under the age of five. Sadly, this number also outpaces the national average.

The most commonplace underlying causes of Florida child swimming pool drowning accidents are:

  • Lack of proper supervision of children in or near pools
  • Improperly secured pools and pool areas
  • Inadequate swimming lessons or training for children
  • Lack of appropriate life saving equipment at a pool (including equipment designed or fitted to rescue children)

The grimmest fact about the horrendous child drowning rate in the Sunshine State is this:

Virtually every single child drowning accident could have – should have – been prevented. In other words, no child should ever die by drowning in a Florida swimming pool. Negligence is nearly always the underlying cause of Florida child swimming pool drowning accident.

Due to the uniquely heartbreaking nature of child drowning deaths The Doan Law Firm Florida swimming pool drowning accident attorney team can be reached any time of the day or night by calling us at (800) 349-0000.

Most Frequent Sites of Pool Accidents in Florida

The majority of all drowning accidents in our state occur in residential swimming pools. However, a significant percentage of Florida drowning accidents occur in:

  • Apartment complex swimming pools
  • Resort or hotel swimming pools
  • Public swimming pools

Resort and Hotel Swimming Pools: The Illusion of Safety

Many people vacationing in the Sunshine State believe that resort and hotel pools are safe places to relax and enjoy. They believe that these pools are protected by trained lifeguards.

Some resorts and hotels do have trained lifeguards on duty at their pools. However, a significant number do not. These resorts and hotels have attendants onsite at their pools, which provides an illusion of safety. In end, attendants are there to pass out towels and other incidentals to guests enjoying the pool. They are not poolside to protect and save lives in an emergency situation. The Doan Law Firm swimming pool drowning accident lawyer team has been called upon multiple times to fight for justice for people who’ve lost a loved one in a resort or hotel drowning death.

Looming Dangers of Residential Swimming Pools

Residential swimming pools present an array of risks, particularly to children. Rarely does a week go by in which multiple children lose their lives in Florida residential swimming pool drowning accidents. A significant number of these sad situations arise because homeowners fail to keep their swimming pools properly secure. Residential pool owners are negligent and sometimes recklessly so.

Proving Liability for a Drowning Accident

A drowning accident claim will need to prove “with a preponderance of evidence” that the defendant acted negligently, and that negligence contributed to the injury or fatality suffered by the plaintiff. A preponderance of evidence essentially means that it is at least 51% likely that the plaintiff’s arguments are true. To reach this evidential burden, convincing evidence and compelling arguments are usually required. By hiring The Doan Law Firm, PLLC to handle your case, you can depend on us during this crucial step of the process.

Evidence that could help your drowning accident claim includes:

  • Eyewitness testimonies
  • Security camera footage
  • Safety history of the property
  • Medical records

Compensation in Drowning Accident Claims

No amount of money can undo the harm that has come to you and your family after a drowning accident. However, it is no stretch to say that financial compensation can be crucial to rebuild your life and try to move forward. Our Florida drowning accident lawyer understands that you expect the most compensation possible, so he fights for not a penny less.

Compensation in a drowning accident claim might take three forms, including:

  1. Economic: Tangible, financial losses are called economic damage, such as lost wages and medical costs.
  2. Non-economic: Intangible losses and injuries are called non-economic damage, such as pain, suffering, and loss of companionship.
  3. Punitive: In rare cases, a court may approve punitive damages, which are used to penalize the defendant, rather than compensate the plaintiff for a loss.

Will Your Drowning Accident Case Go to Court?

Every drowning accident case is unique, so it is difficult from the start of one to say if it will go to court or not. Many injury claims can be settled through one or more rounds of mediation, but others can’t end so. When the defendant doesn’t want to accept liability or thinks the plaintiff deserves less compensation than what is being demanded, the case can go to trial.

You don’t need to worry about going to court or not for your drowning accident case. The Doan Law Firm, PLLC is a comprehensive law firm with talented legal professionals running it. We are skilled in both mediation negotiations and in-court litigation, so your case is in good hands, no matter what it needs to succeed.

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The Doan Law Firm makes an attorney fee promise to you. Our firm will never charge a fee unless we win for you. Our Florida swimming pool drowning accident lawyer team is committed to fight tirelessly for justice, accountability, and the compensation you deserve in your case. We fight to win for you – and to win big.

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