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One of the best ways to unwind in New Orleans is to dive into a swimming pool, bay, marina, river, or another recreational swimming area. You can especially enjoy swimming when you hear a nearby jazz parade and see party lights. While people are swimming, though, carefulness and attentiveness must be the top priorities. When they are not, the risk of a fatal drowning, especially in a swimming pool, increases significantly.

The Doan Law Firm proudly helps people explore their rights after drowning and near-drowning accidents in New Orleans, Louisiana. We hope that with our representation, we can help more people find closure after such a terrible tragedy. Also, the more successful lawsuits that we file against negligent property owners, the less likely it becomes that they will make the same mistakes again that led to someone’s drowning.

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Louisiana Swimming Pool Drowning Deaths

Some studies have placed Louisiana in the top ten states for the most swimming pool drowning deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recorded more than 50 fatal swimming pool accidents in the state between 2019 and 2021. More than 50% of those deaths were suffered by young children who never should have been left in a pool unsupervised.

Factors that contribute to the risk of a child drowning in a Louisiana swimming pool include:

  • No supervision at the swimming pool.
  • No security gates at the swimming pool.
  • No life-saving equipment at the swimming pool.
  • No swimming lessons before the child is allowed to enter the swimming pool.

The rate of child swimming pool deaths in Louisiana is harrowing. It is also enraging once you realize that virtually every single child swimming pool fatality could have been completely prevented if negligence was not allowed in swimming pools and swimming pool management. A little extra care can go a long, long way at protecting children in swimming pools.

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Where Do Swimming Pool Accidents Happen in Louisiana?

Our New Orleans swimming pool drowning accident attorney team investigates all sorts of swimming pool accident reports. Based on what we have seen throughout the years, we can conclude where swimming pool accidents are happening the most in the state.

Many swimming pool deaths happen in:

  • Apartment complex swimming pools
  • Resort and hotel swimming pools
  • Public swimming pools
  • Swimming pools on high-class estates

Resort Swimming Pools Are Not Safe

New Orleans is a vacation hot spot. You can find all sorts of resorts, most of them with beautiful and fun swimming pools. However, don’t be lured into thinking that these resort swimming pools are safer than normal.

Most hotels do not employ a lifeguard to watch their swimming pools, even during normal business hours when guests would want to swim the most. Many resorts don’t even keep life jackets near pools for guests to use during emergencies. The professionalism of a hotel lobby in New Orleans creates an unfair illusion of safety in the pools, which can contribute to poolside negligence and deaths.

Residential Swimming Pools are Dangerous, Too

Residential swimming pools in New Orleans can be just as dangerous as resort pools, unfortunately. Many swimming pool deaths in the city happen at residential swimming pools. Homeowners need to keep gates and fences around their pools, especially near schools and other areas where children gather. If a child wanders into a backyard pool and drowns, the homeowner can be held liable for creating a dangerous attractive nuisance.

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