Multiple People Injured in Lake Conroe Party Boat Accident

Over 50 people piled onto a double-decker party boat on Lake Conroe Saturday intending to spend the evening celebrating. Instead, weather conditions soured and the Lake Conroe party boat capsized, resulting in multiple injuries. Specifics about the total number of people hurt in the boat wreck and the nature and extent of their injuries is not yet clear. As of 3:00 a.m. CDT, there appear to have been no fatalities.

“We are all awaiting more information about what happened last night on Lake Conroe. The immediate aftermath of these types of Texas boating accidents can prove confusing,” explained Jimmy Doan, president of the Houston Doan Law Firm and head of the practices Lake Conroe boat accident lawyer team. “Last night’s accident is at least the third boat or aquatic accident at Lake Conroe in the course of the past month.” The firm can be reached at (832) 835-0000 anytime.

What is known several hours after the harrowing incident is that nearly all of the people onboard the party boat ended up in water when the boat tipped over. Everyone on the party boat suddenly found their lives in danger.

Reports in injuries remains unclear. It appears that one person suffered a cardiac event of some sort when the Lake Conroe party boat accident occurred. When rescue workers arrived at the scene, they immediately performed CPR on this unidentified man.

Information coming in about others who required hospitalization after the boat wreck is largely unconfirmed at this time. At least four people on the watercraft appear to have been taken to an area hospital or hospitals. No information has been made available on their conditions. Moreover, it is possible that more than four people have been transported to medical centers from the lake.

Lake Conroe is located in Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Constable’s Office is one of the agencies on the scene. The Constable’s Office has reported that all passengers and crew from the boat have been accounted for.

Rescue crews were quickly on the scene following the Lake Conroe party boat capsize. Rescue crews included emergency personnel from a number of local agencies were dispatched to the scene.

As of 3:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, the name of the boat is not confirmed. The owner of the boat likewise has not been made public or released to the media. The best speculation is that the watercraft that capsized resulting in injuries was either chartered by partiers for the evening or was on some sort of regular nighttime cruise on the water. There likely will be greater clarification regarding the name of the imperiled watercraft, its ownership, and the full purpose of its evening cruise later on Sunday.

The investigation into the specific cause or causes of the Lake Conroe watercraft accident is already underway. As mentioned, there likely will be more information made available from investigators and other authorities, perhaps as early as sometime Sunday morning.

Lake Conroe is primarily controlled by the City of Houston, which has a two-thirds interest in the lake. The San Jacinto River Authority has the remaining one-third interest in the 21-mile long man-made body of water.

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