11 Swimming Pool Guest Rules a Homeowner Must Maintain

If you own a home with a swimming pool, you have an associated legal responsibility to maintain a reasonable level of safety for those guests who might enjoy your pool. In regard to maintaining a reasonable level of safety in regard to your residential swimming pool, you are wise to adopt, maintain, and enforce an 11-point set of guest rules.

These 11 swimming pool guest rules a homeowner must maintain are:

  • No Diving: Diving should not be allowed in any pool that is less than 8 feet deep. If your pool is less than 8 feet deep, make sure that you have a sign that says "No Diving" in a visible area. Diving into shallow water can cause serious injuries, including head and neck injuries, and can even lead to paralysis. Indeed, a swimming pool diving accident has the very real potential for being fatal.
  • No Running: Running around the pool area is a common cause of accidents. Make sure to put up "No Running" signs in and around the pool area. Running on wet surfaces can cause slips and falls, which can result in broken bones or head injuries. Every year, people running around a pool deck or roughhousing near a pool (which is discussed more in a moment) results in unintentional plummets into the water and associated drowning accidents.
  • No Glass: Glass containers should be prohibited in the pool area. Broken glass can cause serious injuries and is difficult to clean up. Instead, use plastic or metal cups and containers to serve drinks and snacks. With that noted, you really do need to give serious consideration to allowing food and drink in the pool area, which is an issue discussed next.
  • No Food or Drink in Pool Area: Eating or drinking in the pool can lead to choking or spillage, which can make the pool area slippery and dangerous. Instead, set up a designated area for food and drinks away from the pool.
  • No Pets: Pets should not be allowed in or around the pool area. They can cause accidents and make the pool dirty. Moreover, pets without familiarity with water might end up drowning. If you have pets, make sure to keep them away from the pool area and always supervise them when they are outside.
  • No Plug-In Electrical Devices in Pool Area: Electrical appliances should not be used near the pool area. This includes radios, TVs, and other electronic devices. Water and electricity definitely do not mix and can cause electrocution or other serious injuries.
  • No Swimming Alone: Swimming alone can be dangerous, especially for children. Make sure that there is always someone present when people are swimming in the pool. This can help prevent drowning or other accidents.
  • No Unsupervised Children: Children should always be supervised when they are in or around the pool area. This includes when they are playing on pool floats or toys. Children can easily slip or fall off of pool floats or toys and could be at risk of drowning or other serious injuries. An adult should always be assigned to monitor children in or near a pool.
  • No Alcohol: Alcohol and swimming can be a dangerous and even deadly combination. Make sure that your guests are not drinking before they enter the pool. Alcohol can impair judgment and coordination, which can lead to accidents or drowning.
  • No Smoking: Smoking should not be allowed in or around the pool area. Cigarette butts can be dangerous and difficult to clean up.
  • No Roughhousing: Roughhousing should not be allowed in or around the pool area. This includes pushing, shoving, or any other horseplay. Roughhousing can lead to accidents and injuries, especially when people are in or near the pool.

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