Emergency Crews Respond to Lake Conroe Boat Accident

Emergency rescue personnel are responding to a reported Lake Conroe boat accident at 10:00 p.m. CDT on Saturday evening. Very little information is available regarding the Lake Conroe boat accident that witnesses say has occurred. The specific location of the Lake Conroe boat accident is at 20 Regency Point in Montgomery.

Officials involved in the emergency response have advised that a number of factors associated with the incident are unclear at this time:

  • Specific information about the type of watercraft involved in the Lake Conroe boat accident is not yet known.
  • No information currently is officially available as to the number of people who were on board of the boat at the time of accident.
  • No information is available at this time regarding what caused the boat accident at Lake Conroe.

There is some very preliminary information that a watercraft on Lake Conroe has capsized. With that said, it is important to stress that there has been no official information about the nature of the incident on the lake as of this time. Updates are anticipated at some point during the night, however.

Some scattered and unconfirmed reports have come in from witnesses at Lake Conroe. One witness at lakeside tweeted not long after the accident that she’d seen the Southern Empress Cruise Ship capsize. We provide this information with a major caveat that nothing has been confirmed in regard to the watercraft involved in the Lake Conroe accident. Moreover, at least one other witness has indicated that the boat this particular individual saw in peril appeared to be smaller in size than the Southern Empress. The Southern Empress was built in 1983 in a Mississippi shipyard and is reminiscent of the types of touring watercraft that cruise down the Mississippi River. The Southern Empress is a 131-foot paddle wheeler. (We will keep people updated as more information comes in about events on Lake Conroe tonight.)

Lake Conroe is located in Montgomery County, Texas. The City of Houston owns a two-thirds interest in the lake. The SJRA owns the balance of rights to the lake.

Lake Conroe extends about 21 miles in length and covers over 20,000 acres. About one-quarter of the lake is within Sam Houston National Forest. The construction of Lake Conroe was completed in January 1973, the lake being filled in October of that year.

The most recent fatal accident at Lake Conroe occurred on July 10, 2021. In the case of the July accident, four people were on powerboat that came complete with twin 250-horsepower engines.

The watercraft slammed into a bulkhead at about 2:00 a.m. The impact with the bulkhead sent the boat airborne. The watercraft ended up crashing onto the Walden Golf Course. One person was killed, three others were injured.

At about the same time in July, a worker at Margaritaville Lake Resort on Lake Conroe was electrocuted. Another person was injured. A third worker at the site was unscathed.

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