Six Injured When HVAC System Collapses Over Colorado Resort Aquatic Area

Resort and hotel aquatic accidents come in a remarkable number of forms. These include the imaginable swimming pool drowning accidents to the frankly unimaginable aquatic accident that occurred on Saturday, May 6, at the upscale Gaylord Rockies Resort in suburban Denver, Colorado. Upwards to 100 people were enjoying the pool area at the resort when the resort’s HVAC system collapsed upon that aquatic zone.

Six Gaylord Rockies Resort Guests Transported to Area Hospitals

Six people who appear to have been guests of the resort, a Marriott property, were transported to area hospitals. Two of the victims of the Gaylord Rockies Resort aquatic accident sustained life-threatening injuries. The identities of the individuals who sustained injuries that required medical assistance have not yet been made public. Their current medical statuses have not been updated as of it, including the present condition of those two individuals who are said to have life-threatening injuries.

Vacationing Houston Family Among Those on Scene of Colorado Resort Aquatic Accident

A Houston family, Kolby Huseman, his wife, and son the father identified as 5-year-old Levi, were vacationing at the resort and in the pool area at the time of the collapse of the HVAC system into the area. According to Kolby Huseman, he and his son were tossing a football in the swimming pool when he heard an unusual noise above him. Within a beat, the HVAC system, including massive ducts, collapsed onto the swimming pool and surrounding area.

Huseman explained that as he tucked his son underneath him, part of the duct falling onto hit the protective father. Huseman reports that he suffered scratches from his shoulders down to his waist. However, his son physically suffered only a scraped knee.

The Houston family elected to leave the Gaylord Rockies Resort in the immediate aftermath of the incident. They returned home, with Kolby Huseman indicating that he himself would be examined by a doctor and his son would see an appropriate therapist to discuss what happened during the Colorado resort aquatic accident.

Aurora Fire Department Responds to Gaylord Rockies Resort HVAC Collapse

Some members of the Aurora, Colorado Fire Department were already at the resort at the time of the HVAC collapse. These fire department emergency personnel were on site doing training and were the first to respond to the incident scene. Additional emergency personnel were also dispatched to the resort.

Located in the City Aurora (a suburb of Denver), the Gaylord Rockies Resort is located about midway between downtown Denver and Denver International Airport. The construction of the resort if part of a larger development of the area between Denver and the city’s international airport that has occurred in the past several years. In other words, the resort and its facilities and all quite new.

Investigation to Commence into Cause of the Gaylord Rockies Resort HVAC Collapse

The Aurora Fire Department Chief did hold a press briefing following the Gaylord Rockies Resort HVAC collapse on Saturday. The Fire Chief did confirm that an investigation into the cause of the HVAC collapse would commence imminently. He explained that the Aurora Fire Department itself would not be directly involved in the investigation. At this juncture, the investigation appears to be spearheaded by the hotel itself. As of Monday afternoon following the incident, the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Marriott International have not issued statements in regard to the matter.

Legal Rights Following a Resort Aquatic Accident

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