CPR Keeps Judge's Son From Drowning


A man trained as a paramedic performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on his two-year-old son and revived him after he was found floating lifeless in pool during a Fourth of July picnic.

Reports say Judge Brad Stuart and his family were swimming at a private residence in an Ocobla community on the Fourth when, at about 2 p.m, the Stuarts' son, John Stuart, 2, was discovered floating in the pool.

Stuart, a part-time paramedic at Neshoba General, immediately started CPR on the lifeless toddler. But after a few moments he began breathing on his own. EMS was called, but Stuart elected to carry his son to the county hospital himself.

At the hospital, after discovering water in one of his lungs, a transport helicopter flew them to University Medical Center in Jackson, where he was eventually admitted. He  returned home the next day.


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