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Why Hire a Lawyer?

Drowning Cases Nationwide

You may wonder why you should hire a lawyer to manage your claim when a family member has drowned, or has suffered serious consequences in a near-drowning. There are several reasons why it is advised that you have a drowning attorney for your case, the first of which is the value of your case. Insurance companies do not want to pay the maximum in damages. When there is no lawyer to manage the claim, the lack of knowledge about the true value of the case could lead to accepting a settlement far, far lower than could be achieved with legal help.

Some cases that truly have merit are denied by an insurance company, based on some technical detail. A person who is not trained in personal injury law, in water safety, premises liability law and product liability law cannot possibly be expected to know the value of a claim, or if the insurance company is correct when denying a claim. That is where The Doan Law Firm, P.C. comes in. The firm is accomplished, and well-known throughout the legal community for their work in drowning injuries and death by drowning cases of all types. Don't take chances in a drowning case. Get legal representation from a true authority in water-related injury and death cases.

Establishing Negligence: A Critical Point in Drowning Cases

Any injury or death case requires establishing a negligent party. In a drowning case, the facts must be reviewed to determine whether there was an act of negligence, and if so, who is responsible. In some cases there could be several negligent parties. For example, a pool drowning could mean that the pool owner or operator could be held liable, as well as the pool gate manufacturer, if it is determined that the locking mechanism was faulty. This is just one example; there are many, many more. Cases of negligence involving lifeguards, boat operators, pool operators or oil companies in cases of offshore drowning cases are just some of what the firm works on.

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