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Improper Lifeguard Training

Let a Drowning Lawyer Bring You Justice

Just because a lifeguard is on duty at a community pool, water park, beach, or hotel pool does not necessarily mean he or she has received thorough training. Swimmers and other pool patrons may assume that with a lifeguard present, their safety is secure, but sadly people still drown each year even in swimming areas with lifeguard supervision. If the lifeguard is negligent or improperly trained, he or she may not be able to save a life or prevent injury as expected. If you suspect improper training led to a drowning or other aquatic accident in your family, a skilled drowning lawyer at The Doan Law Firm, P.C. will aggressively pursue the appropriate legal action to compensate for your suffering.

Lifeguarding Requires Proper Certification

A lifeguard needs to be more than a good swimmer and an attentive person. He or she needs to have proper certification and regular training updates. The United States Lifeguard Standards Coalition recommends that lifeguard-training courses cover CPR/AED, first aid and oxygen supplement, blood pathogens, rescue skills, and shallow- and deep-water certification. Because most certifications are only valid for two years, lifeguards should update their training at least that often. Reputable training programs include the Red Cross, YMCA, and Safe Swim. Other programs may not provide the comprehensive training or demand trainees meet the rigorous standards needed to actually protect life in an emergency.

Legal Representation Can Win You Compensation

Victims and their families should not wait to seek legal counsel. In drowning deaths or other accidents, filing a lawsuit in a timely manner is key for the success of the case. Consult with a qualified drowning attorney with the knowledge and experience to attain the best results possible.

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