Three Bodies Recovered in Toledo Bend Drowning Accident

The bodies of three men have been recovered as of Sunday morning in a Toledo Bend drowning accident in Sabine County, Louisiana. A day after the men went missing after heading out on the lack in an aluminum boat, little is known about what befell them on Toledo Bend Reservoir.

The remains of one of the men was found in the water on Saturday. Two more bodies were found on Sunday morning. Officials report that the trio of men died by drowning. Their names have not been released pending notification of loved ones. There is no indication at this time that officials suspect foul play in the Toledo Bend drowning deaths.

The boat itself has not yet been located. The truck and trailer used by the men to transport the watercraft was found at a Toledo Bent boat launch located at Louisiana Highway (LA Hwy) 1215.

Toledo Bend Reservoir is a lake that covers 185,000 acres on the Sabine River. Toledo Bend Reservoir straddled the Texas and Louisiana border is a popular recreational destination. Toledo Bend Reservoir is particularly popular with people who enjoy freshwater fishing. The lake has over 1,200 miles of shoreline. The lake is 65 miles long and 10 miles wide (at its broadest point).

The lake is considered best suited for use by shallow draft powerboats. A significant number of trees and stumps remain in the lake and a danger to watercraft. Trees and stumps remain after the creation of the reservoir approximately 50 years ago.

Numerous well-marked boat lanes have been created in the lake. These boat lanes have been freed of standing trees and stumps. However, floating stumps and logs can end up in the demarcated boat lanes, a reality that necessitates caution when boating even in these areas.

Multiple agencies were on scene at Toledo Bend Lake following the report the men were missing and during search operations. A comprehensive effort was launched to find the men after they went missing. These agencies involved in the process include:

  • Sabine Parish Sheriff Detectives
  • Sabine Parish Coroner's Office
  • North Sabine First Responders
  • Central Sabine Search and Rescue Dive Team
  • Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
  • Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Desoto Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Desoto Parish Fire & Rescue

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