Six-Year-Old Girl Dies in Conroe Margaritaville Resort Drowning Accident

A six-year-old girl has lost her life in a tragic Conroe Margaritaville Resort drowning accident this afternoon. Little information is yet available about this tragic death. What is known is that the girl was swimming in one of the resort’s pools with her family. Conroe Margaritaville Resort pools are now only partially staffed with lifeguards because November is considered to be part of the off-season at the resort.

Preliminary Information About Conroe Margaritaville Resort Drowning Accident

According to police who were part of the emergency response team dispatched to the Texas resort, someone in the pool or pool area spotted the child floating face down in the water. This individual doesn’t appear to the part of the lifeguard personnel of the resort.

One of the child’s family members called 911 and immediately commenced CPR on the girl. The call came into the emergency dispatch center at around 3:30.

Emergency personnel, including paramedics, evidently were quick to the scene of the drowning accident. The child may not have yet died at the time paramedics reached the scene. At a minimum, she was unconscious and had not been breathing for a yet to be determined period of time, however.

No specific information is known at this time as to how long the girl was unconscious and not breathing in the water. There was at least some delay in identifying the emergency situation.

Drowning Victim Transported to Area Medical Center

After the arrival of the emergency crew who performed lifesaving measures on the girl, she was transported to Texas Children’s Hospital in The Woodlands. Further medical treatment commenced in the emergency department. Sadly, not long after arriving at Texas Children’s Hospital, the Conroe Margaritaville Resort drowning victim died. The time of death was 5:00 this evening.

Lifeguard Staffing at Conroe Margaritaville

During the primary tourist season, Margaritaville maintains a full compliment of lifeguards. What this means is that all pools at the complex are staffed with lifeguards when the pools are open and in operation.

Once the off-season commences, the resort cuts back on the number of lifeguards it maintains on its company payroll. As a result, the resort does not maintain lifeguards at all property pools all of the time. As of Friday evening, police investigators indicate that it remains unknown whether or not Margaritaville lifeguards were on duty at the resort pool in which the child died by drowning in the afternoon.

Police Update on Margaritaville Child Drowning Death

The Conroe Police Department has released a very short statement in the immediate aftermath of the child’s death. A spokesperson for the Department has said that more information will be forthcoming, likely yet this evening. The Department’s statement was brief:

“Chief [Jeff] Christy sends his condolences to the family and other people involved in this tragic incident.”

The child’s name has not yet been released to the press or the public.

Questions About the Conroe Margaritaville Resort Drowning Accident

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