9 Water Park Safety Tips for Your Winter Vacation

In the midst of winter, many people do one of two things: They plot a course for a vacation to a warmer destination that might include time at a water park. Others start dreaming of summertime … and a trip (or trips) to a water park. No matter the particular situation, if a water park is on the agenda, safety considerations are a must.

With that in mind, there are nine water park safety tips to bear in mind:

Wear Proper Swimming Attire

Make sure you always wear proper swimming attire such as a swimsuit or trunks designed for water activities. Never go into the water wearing street clothes or baggy clothing as this can be hazardous and lead to drowning. Additionally, jewelry should also not be worn into the water as it may snag on equipment or become lost in waves.

Follow Directions Carefully

It’s important that guests follow all instructions given by lifeguards or other park personnel carefully. Listen closely to any warnings they give. Obey all safety rules and regulations posted within the park. Ignoring these instructions can put yourself and others at risk of injury or worse.

Use Flotation Devices When Necessary

For those who are not strong swimmers, flotation devices (including life vests) should be used. This particularly is the case when entering deep waters where one may easily become overwhelmed or exhausted while trying to stay afloat. These devices will help ensure your safety while having fun at a water park.

Stay Close to Supervisors

Always make sure children remain close to supervisors such as their parents, teachers, or other adults assigned with their care while inside a water park. Children should never venture off without permission from an adult.

Teach Children About Water Safety

Educating children about what is safe behavior around water is important before going to a waterpark. Children must understand basic concepts such as never running near the pool edge, staying away from drains, avoiding overcrowded areas, and so forth. This will help prevent accidents from happening due to a lack of knowledge about potential dangers present in aquatic environments.

Keep an Eye Out for Others

In addition to being responsible for your own safety, it is also important that guests look out for others during their time at a waterpark. Guests should be particularly aware of small children. Keeping close tabs on weaker swimmers who may need assistance is crucial for ensuring everyone has a safe experience while visiting a water park.

Know Your Limits

Everyone has different physical limitations when it comes to withstanding rough waterslides or intense wave pools. Knowing your limits beforehand can prevent injury from occurring due to overexertion while attempting something beyond what you're capable of doing safely. Do not put yourself at risk by attempting something outside of your physical capabilities. In the grand scheme of things, it is far better to observe than participate if you're unsure if you'll be able to handle everything without putting yourself in harm's way.

Check Equipment Before Use

Before jumping onto any type of ride attraction, it is important that guests check for any potential issues with its structure (such as loose pieces of metal or sharp edges) which could cause injury. By checking equipment before use, you may protect yourself from unnecessary injury.

Be Alert Around Ladders, Handrails, and Diving Boards

When moving around ladders, handrails, diving boards, and other structures inside a water park use caution and make sure not to push off too hard against them. Doing so could cause serious damage to yourself as well as another person standing nearby. Be mindful when going up or down stairs, stepping onto platforms, and so forth in order avoid unfortunate accidents.

Your Legal Rights After a Water Park Injury

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