7 Safety Items Needed for a Residential Swimming Pool

Each day in the United States approximately 11 people lose their lives in drowning accidents, the majority of these fatalities occurring in swimming pools. Another 22 individuals are involved in nonfatal drowning accidents, many times suffering permanently debilitating injuries. The majority of nonfatal drowning accidents also occur in swimming pools.

With these alarming statistics in mind, there are seven safety items needed to optimize safety at a residential swimming pool:

Perimeter Fence

A key safety necessity for a residential swimming pool is a suitable perimeter fence. The fence should be tall enough and designed in such a way to prevent entry into the pool area when it is not intended to be “open” for use. For example, a perimeter fence needs to be designed in such a way that children cannot access the pool area unsupervised.

Pool Alarm

A pool alarm is an electronic device that will alert you when someone enters the water or even walks onto a pool deck. It works by emitting a loud sound whenever it senses any disturbance in the water or movement on the deck. This allows for a rapid response at times a pool should be unoccupied. The best models have adjustable sensitivity so they won’t be triggered by wind or rain. Some pool alarms can be connected to your home security system.

Pool Cover

A pool cover is an essential piece of safety equipment for any residential pool. A pool cover not only helps keep out debris and animals but also can prevent children from entering the area unsupervised.

There are three main types available:

  • Automatic covers which use motorized rollers to open and close
  • Solid covers that are made from strong materials like vinyl or mesh
  • Winter covers which are designed to keep out frost during cold weather

All three types provide valuable protection against accidental drownings.

Life Rings

Life rings are buoyant devices usually made from foam or plastic that can be thrown into the water in order to rescue someone who has fallen in unexpectedly or is struggling to stay afloat due to exhaustion or some other reason. They come in various sizes, with larger rings typically being better suited to pools with deeper depths. Keep in mind that pool rings are no substitute for proper swimming lessons or supervision at all times.

Safety Rope and Float Line

A safety rope is another vital piece of safety equipment at any residential pool because it clearly marks off where it's safe and unsafe for swimmers to go in the water. It consists of a long rope anchored securely at both ends, with brightly colored floats placed along its length so swimmers can easily see its boundaries even when underwater. Make sure yours is regularly checked for signs of wear-and-tear. Frayed ropes can easily break if put under too much strain during an emergency rescue situation.

Life Jackets

Life jackets provide an extra level of protection for inexperienced swimmers who might still be learning important skills such as floating and treading water safely. Life jackets are also useful for individuals who may need assistance due to age or disability issues. Choose ones with bright colors so they’re easy to spot in the water. Make sure they fit properly before letting anyone wear them. For example, if a life jacket is too loose, it won't offer adequate buoyancy.

Pool Ladder

Last but certainly not least on our list of safety equipment is a high-quality ladder, An appropriate pool ladder allows people (especially young children) easier access into and out of the pool. Ladders should have wide steps so feet don't slip off them when climbing up or down. Ideally, there should be handrails fitted alongside them to optimize safety.

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