7 Crucial Tactics to Reduce Risk of Swimming Pool Drain Entrapment

There are nearly 11 million swimming pools in the United States, according to the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance. Of this number, approximately 10.5 million are residential swimming pools and just under 310,000 are in public settings. That breaks down to approximately one swimming pool for about every 30 people in the country.

Residential swimming pool owners and those individuals responsible for public ones need to be cognizant of the real risk of drain entrapment. With this in mind, there are seven crucial tactics that are capable of reducing the risk of swimming pool drain entrapment:

Install and Utilize Anti-Entrapment Drain Covers

Anti-entrapment drain covers are designed to prevent hair, limbs, and clothing from getting caught in the drain. They are an effective solution to reduce the risk of entrapment. Make sure to install drain covers that comply with the updated Association of Pool and Spa Professional standards to ensure their optimal effectiveness. Bear in mind that drain covers can wear out over time. Therefore, it is necessary to replace them periodically to ensure their continued effectiveness.

Install and Utilize Multiple Drains

Instead of relying on one main drain to circulate water, consider installing multiple smaller drains. This reduces the amount of suction at any one drain point. This reduces the likelihood that someone might become trapped in a solitary drain.

Ensure that the drains are placed in different locations in a pool to avoid creating a concentrated suction point. It is also essential to ensure that the drains are placed where swimmers won't accidentally cover them with their bodies.

Install an Automated Vacuum Release System

An automated vacuum release system can detect changes in pressure and automatically turn off the pump if entrapment is detected. This can prevent someone from becoming trapped in the first instance. While they may be a bit more expensive than anti-entrapment drain covers, they are worth the investment in terms of safety.

Educate Swimmers

Make sure all swimmers are aware of the risks of drain entrapment and the importance of staying away from drains while in the pool. It's also essential to teach them about the proper use of pool equipment, such as pool cleaners, and how to avoid getting tangled in them. Seriously consider posting signs near the pool area that remind swimmers of the risks of drain entrapment.

Supervise Children

Children are especially at risk for drain entrapment. Make certain that children are never left unattended while in the pool. As a parent or caregiver, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are always under the watchful eye of a capable adult. Consider enrolling your child in swimming lessons to help them become more comfortable in the water and teach them important safety skills.

Keep Pool Clean

Debris in the pool can clog drains and increase the risk of entrapment. Regularly cleaning the pool can reduce this risk. Skim the surface of the water, vacuum the pool, and clean the skimmer basket and pump strainer basket regularly. Additionally, make sure to trim any nearby trees or bushes to avoid leaves and branches from falling into the pool.

Hire a Professional

If you're unsure about the safety of your pool's drain system, consider hiring a professional to inspect it and make any necessary changes. A qualified pool contractor can assess the system's compliance with the latest standards and recommend the best course of action to ensure your pool's safety. Additionally, make sure to have a professional inspect your pool regularly to ensure that all safety measures are up to date.

Protect Your Legal Rights

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