Memorial Day Alert: Unofficial Start of Summer & Beginning of Drowning Season

Memorial Day traditionally marks the unofficial start of summer across the United States. Although beach season has been underway since spring breakers hit the shores of Florida, Texas, and elsewhere, pools by the thousands open for pleasure seekers over the Memorial Day weekend. The end of May marks the beginning of a time of year where people from coast to coast enjoy outdoor recreational activities, including swimming, boating, surfing, and other aquatic pursuits. The holiday does have a grim note lurking underneath the opening of summer. Memorial Day can fairly be said to be the start of “drowning season” in the United States.

Basic Facts about Death by Drowning

Drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintended death in the United States, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. School age children are particularly susceptible to death by drowning. Every year, more school age children die from drowning than lose their lives because of fires, active shooters, tornadoes, earthquakes, and lightening combined.

The five states with the highest drowning rate are:

  • Hawaii (highest in the country)
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Louisiana
  • Florida

Signs and Indications of Drowning

There exists a tremendous amount of confusion regarding what are thought to be the signs of drowning. If most people were to be asked about the signs of drowning, responses would include references to flaying hands and screaming for help. The reality is that these most definitely are not commonplace signs of drowning.

Because of misperceptions about signs of drowning, time and again help to drowning victims is delayed. The five most commonplace actions that occur when a person is drowning are:

  • A person in the midst of drowning nearly always will be unable to call for help. The biological reality is that breathing and speaking are intrinsically linked. A person cannot speak, let alone scream for help, when the ability to breath is at peril.
  • A drowning person’s will bob in and out of water. With that said, an individual’s mouth will not remain out of the water long enough to exhale, inhale, and scream for help. At best, when an individual’s mouth bobs out of the water, an exhale or inhale occurs, but not both.
  • A drowning individual will not be waiving arms seeking assistance. When drowning, a person instinctively extends arms laterally, pressing down on the water so an individual can lift his or her mouth out of the water for air.
  • Beyond what was just described, a drowning person loses control over his or her arms. In addition to not being able to wave for assistance, a drowning individual is not capable of swimming towards help or of reaching out for a piece of rescue equipment. This is the reason why instruments like rescue hooks are among the more effective rescue tools.
  • Finally, drowning people tend to remain upright in the water. With that said, there typically is no sign of supporting kicks from their legs.

Ultimately in nearly any drowning case, all of these indicators will exist. Once identified, help must be on the way or the consequences an

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