Teen Fatally Electrocuted in Houston Motel Swimming Pool Accident

Teen Fatally Electrocuted in Houston Motel Swimming Pool Accident

A 15-year-old boy lost his life while swimming in a Houston motel pool on Saturday, September 29, 2020. The teen was electrocuted while in the water when he came into contact with exposed wires for an interior light in the pool, according to the Harris County Sheriff.

The fatal Houston aquatic accident occurred at the North Villa Inn, a motel located on North Freeway in Houston. The victim was identified by investigators as being Khaleel Marcos Reynolds.

The boy’s father was at the scene when his son was electrocuted. The father pulled his son from the pool. Paramedics were on the scene quickly and performed CPR. The teenaged victim was rushed to a local hospital where medical personnel continued life saving measures. Reynolds died not long after arriving at the medical center.

Pool Should Not Have Been Open Due to Prior Major Safety Violations

The Houston motel pool should not have been open in the first place, according to Harris County Health Department officials. The motel pool had failed inspections at least two times in the past two years and was not to be open for use as a result. Indeed, serious violations date back to 2018, none of them being addressed by the motel owners.

Officials performed yet another inspection on the motel pool the day after Reynolds was killed. Officials reported that the pool once again failed inspection. The motel owners had not corrected the major safety violations previously cited by health officials.

Investigators did confirm that someone had removed an underwater light from the pool, leaving live wires exposed. As noted previously, the fatal electrocution occurred when Reynolds came into contact with the electrified wires.

Pool Electrocutions More Commonplace than People Imagine

People typically do not equate swimming in a pool with electrocution. The stark reality is that electrocutions associated with swimming pools is far more common than most people imagine. Sadly, incidents like the fatal Houston swimming pool electrocution occur every year.

What is most alarming about the Housing motel swimming pool electrocution is the fact that the pool should not have been open for use in the first place and the fact that the motel had been cited for serious safety violations associated with the swimming pool multiple times over the course of the past two years. In other words, before teenager Khaleel Marcos Reynolds tragically was fatally electrocuted in the North Villa Inn swimming pool, owners of the property were on notice of the safety defects and deficiencies.

As mentioned, the investigation into the Houston motel swimming pool is continuing. A final report is expected soon. Thus far, no one associated with the North Villa Inn motel has made any statement or responded to questions from the media.

People with experience in the field of aquatic safety, like the legal team at The Doan Law Firm, affirm the vital importance of regularly inspecting swimming pools. These inspections must focus on ensuring that underwater swimming pool lights are appropriately sealed.

Legal Rights Following a Houston Swimming Pool Electrocution

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