Multiple People Injured, One Man Killed as Swimming Pool Lights Malfunction

Multiple People Injured, One Man Killed as Swimming Pool Lights Malfunction

Residents and guests of the Hallmark Apartments in El Paso were enjoying a pleasant evening in the community’s pool when disaster struck. At about 7:30 p.m., lights within the pool itself somehow malfunctioned, causing a current of electricity to surge into the pool water itself. The electrical current emitted from the malfunctioning lights resulted in the death of one man, Ray Charles Stoltz, and the injury of other people in the pool, including Robert Villanueva.

Lights Came On, Immediately Followed by Death and Injuries

The pool lights evidently were on an automatic system and turned on as scheduled as dusk settled on the adults and children enjoying the pool. The moment the lights turned on, electricity shot through the pool, shocking people in the water.

As of this time, a complete count of the number of people shocked by the electrical current has not been released by the apartment complex owners or management. Investigators have not yet provided this information either.

What is know is that Ray Charles Stoltz was seriously injured as a result of the pool lights malfunction. A resident of the complex, Stoltz was in immediate distress as a result of electricity powering through the pool water. He did not respond to CPR, performed by a friend at the scene. Emergency medial personnel provided assistance to the electrocuted man at the scene as they prepared him for transport to an area hospital. Stoltz died after arriving at the medical center.

Injured Swimmer Seeks Medial Attention and Legal Assistance

As mentioned, at least one other individual at the scene of the pool lights malfunction, Robert Villanueva, was injured. Villanueva not only sought medical attention for his injuries but also engaged the assistance of Jimmy Doan of The Doan Law Firm. Jimmy Doan has an extensive background in pool and aquatic accidents of all types, including equipment malfunctions that result in injury and death.

Pool accident lawyer Jimmy Doan is a nationally recognized authority on drowning and all other types of aquatic accident cases. Indeed, Mr. Doan has garnered 12 different certifications for life saving techniques and practices as well as in other areas involving pool, swimming, and aquatic matters. Mr. Doan is the attorney other lawyers call upon when they need assistance in a pool accident or drowning case, including incidents like the El Paso pool lights malfunction and electrocution.

Why a Lawyer Following a Pool Accident like the El Paso Pool Light Electrocution?

In a situation in which a family member is killed in some type of pool accident, including a drowning or light malfunction resulting in electrocution, or in a scenario in which a person is injured (as is the case with Robert Villanueva), taking a proactive stance in retaining the services of a pool accident lawyer, like Jimmy Doan of The Doan Law Firm, is vital. As noted, the investigation being undertaken by various agencies is not designed to build a case for the family of a person killed in a pool accident or an individual who has been injured to obtain justice and necessary compensation. That takes the added effort of a skilled, experienced pool accident lawyer with the background and resources necessary to mount a thorough, effective investigation.

The Doan Law Firm not only has an authority on pool accidents at the helm, the firm maintains offices from coast-to-coast across the United States, including in El Paso. In addition, The Doan Law Firm has established a Pool Accident Lawyer Hotline at (800) 349-0000. The Hotline is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including all major holidays.

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The Doan Law Firm Attorney Fee Promise

The Doan Law Firm never charges a fee in a pool accident injury case (or any type of case) unless we win for you. You pay nothing unless we obtain a favorable settlement or judgment in your case.