Drowning or Near Drowning Accidents Caused by Murky and Cloudy Water Pools

When there are swimming pools that have water that's cloudy or murky it becomes increasingly more dangerous. For instance, swimmers that are in distress can be lost easily underwater when the water is murky or cloudy and the rescue efforts will become increasingly difficult and sometimes fail.

If either you or someone that you love has been involved in a near drowning accident or someone you love has been involved in a drowning fatality due to cloudy or murky water then you should consult a Houston drowning accident lawyer at The Doan Law Firm immediately. Our firm wants to:

  • Help You Get the Comfort and Compensation That You Deserve
  • Hold the Negligent Party/Parties Responsible For Their Negligence
  • Eliminate Dangers That Are Found in Pool Environments through Taking on Cases like Yours That Will Help to Change Laws on Swimming Pool Safety

Our firm is dedicated to representing drowning accident cases throughout the country and during your initial free no obligation consultation call we'll discuss all of the merits of your case. Additionally, on your first call we'll discuss initial thoughts on the best path forward for your case. After taking your case we take it on a contingency only basis. This means that as you're going through this difficult time that you don't have to worry about any mounting legal bills. We take a small percentage of whatever settlement or verdict we win on your behalf only after a successful outcome of your drowning accident case. If we fail to obtain a successful outcome on your drowning accident case you'll never owe us a dime.

Liability Involved in Murky or Cloudy Pool Water Cases

If there's a pool with cloudy or murky water it's most often of the result of a poorly trained pool staff or the negligence of a pool operator. The water must be immediately shut down if, in the deepest parts of the pool, the drains aren't clearly visible. As mentioned above, in cloudy or murky waters the attempts of rescue can become increasingly difficult. Cloudy or murky pool waters can be caused by the improper use of chemicals, along with broken pool pumps and equipment, which also adds the increased danger of contamination.

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  • Pain and Suffering
  • Brain Damage
  • Funeral Expenses If a Loved One Has Passed
  • Other Damages Related To Your Drowning Accident

At The Doan Law Firm you'll get an experienced drowning accident lawyer with the compassion and experience with the full resources of our firm to get you the justice and compensation that you and your family deserve. Don't delay in pursuing justice in the negligence caused by others, our lawyers are available 24/7/365, no matter the time of day or holiday at (800) 284-5983. Our Houston drowning accident attorney looks forward to helping you soon.