Daytona Toddler Drowning May Have Been Assisted

Reports say a three-year-old girl who drowned last month while playing in an inflatable pool with her 5-year-old brother, may have been pushed by her brother.

The girl, reported as Victoria Cunningham, was pronounced dead after rescuers transported her from her home in Daytona Beach, reports say. The drowning was reported as an accident, but reports now say state Department of Children & Families had taken over an investigation, believeing there may have been some involvement by her brother.

The girl and her brother were playing in a plastic pool which held as much as two feet of water - although it apparently held much less than that when the girl drowned. The pool was evidently in the garage, reports say. Their mother, 38-year-old Tonya Causey, left to use the bathroom, and when she returned the 3-year-old was underwater.

Victoria was the fifth child to have drowned in Volusia County this year, and the second Daytona Beach 3-year-old to drown in the past month.

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