Anonymous Samaritan Saves Drowning Child

After being sucked into a drainage pipe, a young boy has a stranger to thank for saving him from drowning.

Reports say that Zac Rogan-Rae was playing in the water with his family at Bucca Crossing Bridge, in Britain when the knee-deep water in which he was wading sucked him towards a bridge and into a pipe underneath it, reports say.

The pipe, which was just big enough for his body to fit inside, swallowed him and he was pushed out and swept up by the rapids on the other side, breathless and frightened.

Ms. Rogan, who did not see her son pulled down, heard a woman scream that a child was drowning. She went to help, but slipped and fell. She was four months pregnant.

But an adult male bystander made a sudden lunge dash for Zac. The man, who nobody recognized, disappeared shortly afterward. Zac was not injured.

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