Woman Drowns in Public Pool, Is Undiscovered for Two Days While Swimmers Pack Pool

Police are continuing to investigate a drowning at a Veterans Pool at Lafayette Park in Fall River, Mass. that occurred last week. The discovery of her body two days later - even while swimmers were in the same pool with the dead woman - has police baffled.

Pool experts were on hand at the pool to take water samples and to inspect the slide that apparently started the cascading sequence of events that led to the woman's death.

Reports say a 9-year-old boy and neighbor of the victim, Marie Joseph, had informed police that Joseph had used the slide last Sunday afternoon, and that he never saw her resurfaced. She was found dead in the deep end of the pool by other swimmers two days later.

Reports say that six lifeguards and hundreds of people were at the pool at the time of the alleged accident. Worse, hundreds more people swam in that same water Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday without noticing the deceased woman's body. The employees are now on administrative leave.

Her young friends say they left the 36-year-old behind because they thought she'd already left.

The fact that all those people could have been in the pool for that long without seeing the woman still baffles police. The investigation continues.

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