Florida Man Drowns While Saving Four Children

A Gainesville mandrowned attempting to save four children off Key Biscayne early last month.

Reportedly, four children were standing on a sandbar just before when it washed away. Douglas Frank Butler, 47, was one of two men who rushed into the water to save the children.

The children, who were all between 3 and 15 years old, were all plucked from the surf, all in need of medical attention, and all transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital; the two youngest remained unconscious well into the night, reports say. The children reportedly did not know how to swim, which is why they were playing on the sandbar.

The adult victim was taken to Mercy Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.  Reportedly, only the victim and the seocnd man went to the aid of the children, although the beach was full of people.

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