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Defective Pool Fence Drowning Accidents

Was Your Loved Injured Because of Another's Negligence?

Pool accidents, particularly those involving children, are more common than most people would like to realize. The most frustrating and upsetting part about these types of accidents is that most of them could have been prevented. One of the most basic safety measures that can be taken to prevent child drowning accidents or near-drowning accidents is the installation of a pool fence.

Most private and community pools have a fence and locked gate to prevent unauthorized visitors from gaining entry. When a pool fence is defective, it entirely defeats the purpose of having a fence in the first place. Defective pool fences offer easy access to children and others who are looking to go swimming or spend a little time poolside without proper supervision.

Proving Liability in Drowning Cases Nationwide

You may have grounds to file a lawsuit or claim against the pool's owner if you have a loved one who has been injured or who drowned after gaining access to any of the following:

  • Apartment pool
  • School pool
  • Neighbor's pool

To file a claim you must first be able to prove liability, to prove that the property owner or manager knew or should have known about the defective pool fence, yet failed to take any effective action to remedy the problem.

Attorney Jimmy Doan has years of legal experience with cases involving drowning or other aquatic injuries. For more than a decade, his firm has been dedicated to providing aggressive representation to accident victims and their families. He has an entire investigative team he can send anywhere, nationwide, to investigate at the scene of the accident so as to gather the evidence necessary to prove liability. When negligence results in this type of tragic accident, you can trust that he will be unrelenting in his pursuit of justice.

Why You Need a Drowning Lawyer on Your Side

When defective pool fences make it easy for children and others to gain access to a pool, it is very likely that a drowning can occur. A child who slips near the edge of the pool and falls into the water, can easily suffer brain damage and other serious complications. If the child loses consciousness or is unable to swim, his or her body will begin to shut down due to a lack of oxygen. With nobody around to provide immediate assistance, an innocent life would be lost.

Children who are able to be rescued after falling into a pool usually end up with permanent or long-term disabilities, as well as other physical and mental problems. Providing the proper treatment and care will be very expensive. Hiring an experienced drowning lawyer to fight on your behalf will significantly increase your chances of being able to file a claim and recover damages.

In some instances, a property owner or homeowner may attempt to lay blame on the victim him- or herself, when in actual fact if they had taken action to repair or replace the defective fence, the tragedy would have never occurred.

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