Resort Hot Tub Accidents: What Every Vacationer Must Know

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and have fun with friends, family, and even by yourself. But it's important to stay safe when using a hot tub - especially if you're not familiar with the safety guidelines. Indeed, many vacationers enjoy spending time in a hotel or resort hot tub as part of their holiday. With this in mind, there are five important tips to stay safe in a hotel or resort hot tub:

  • Check water temperature
  • Do not overstay
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Shower before and after use
  • Supervise children
  • Do not use when tired
  • Do not use alone

Check Water Temperature

Make sure you confirm water temperature before getting into a resort or hotel hot tub. Water temperatures higher than 104 degrees Fahrenheit can cause serious harm due to overheating. Therefore, it really is imperative that you make sure the temperature is within a safe range before getting in the water. You also need to be certain that a resort or hotel’s hot tub thermometer is operating appropriately. Time and again, a resort or hotel’s hot tub thermometer is not operating correctly, resulting in injuries to guests.

Do Not Overstay

There is an age-old cliché about everything in moderation. This holds true for hot tub usage.

Don't stay in for too long. The effects of overheating can increase with time. Limit your exposure to no more than 20 minutes at any one time.

Do Not Drink Alcohol

Don't drink alcohol while using the hot tub. The reality is that a likely majority of adults do imbibe when in a hot tub. However, the fact that many people do this does not mean it is safe. Alcohol can lead to dehydration and disorientation. These can both be particularly dangerous while using a hot tub.

Shower Before and After Resort or Hotel Hot Tub Use

Shower before and after using a resort or hotel hot tub. By definition and design, a common resort or hotel hot tub is shared between many people. It is important to keep clean by showering before and after each use. This also helps prevent any germs or bacteria from entering your body through open wounds or cuts on your skin that may occur during use of the hot tub.

Do Not Let Children Use Resort or Hotel Hot Tub Without Supervision

Children should never enter a hotel hot tub without supervision from an adult due to their small size and lack of understanding of how unsafe it could be if they become over-heated or confused about their surroundings. As an aside, the amount of time pre-teens should stay in a hot tub should be limited to between five and 15 minutes. In addition, the best practice is for hot tun water to be at a lower temperature than that commonly seen as safe for adults and older minors.

Do Not Use Hot Tub When Tired

As appealing as it might be, do not get into a resort or hotel hot tub when you are tired. Many people do this as a means of relieving a final bit of stress before calling it a day. The reality is that every year, an alarming number of people are injured or drown because they are not fully alert and are tired when they enter a hot tub.

Do Not Use Resort or Hotel Hot Tub Alone

Many people also find taking a break from the day (or night) by soaking in a hot tub alone very appealing. The reality is that hot tubbing alone is not a wise practice. If you experience some type of issue while alone in a hot tub, there will be no one on hand to assist. Not only children, but adults should not enjoy a resort or hotel hot tub by themselves.

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