Three Texas Toddlers Victims of Drowning Accidents in Three Days:

Two Toddlers Get to Pool Via Unlocked Doggie Doors

Three Texas toddlers in Tarrant County were admitted to Cook Children’s Hospital over a three-day period as the result of drowning accidents. Two children have survived these traumatic incidents. One of the toddlers died by drowning. All three of these Texas drowning accidents occurred in residential pools. Two of the three toddlers accessed an unsupervised pool at their homes by crawling through unlocked doggie doors at each of these residences.

In light of this trio of accidents, and the fact that they all occurred in residential swimming pools, Sharon Evans, coordinator of trauma injury prevention at Cook Children’s Hospital, issued a plea to adults:

“This recent burst of drownings is incredibly worrisome. Now is the time for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to reassess the ‘layers of protection’ they have at home. Make sure that pool gates still close and self-latch correctly, locks on outside doors are up high and out of reach of children, and certainly don’t let your guard down!”

Added to the list at residences that have pools, toddlers, and doggie doors is the need to ensure that these pet pathways are locked or even eliminated while a family has youngsters of this age.  

Cook Children’s Hospital 2021 Child Drowning Accident Admissions

The number of child drowning accident admissions at Cook Children’s Hospital underscore the rise in the rate of these incidents during 2021 and when contrasted with prior years. The rate of increase at Cook Children’s Hospital is not an outlier and is similar to what is being seen at other Texas medical centers as well as across the United States more generally.

Cook Children’s Hospital has had 82 children admitted to the facility are a result of drowning accidents thus far in 2021. The specifics regarding these tragic events break down as follows:

  • Seven of the 82 child drowning accident admissions proved fatal
  • Four of the 82 child crowning accident admissions resulted in life-altering medical consequences

The child drowning admissions to Cook Children’s Hospital arose from incidents that occurred in:

  • Public swimming pools
  • Residential swimming pools (private)
  • Apartment and condo complex pools
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Bathtubs

By the time fall arrived in 2021, the majority of child drowning accidents occurred in swimming pools.

Water Safety Practices

Residential pool owners are reminded and encouraged to utilize a set of specific water safety practices at their homes. These include:

  • Prevent any and all access to pool area when adults are not present and closely monitoring children
  • Keep all doorknobs and locks out of reach of small children
  • Alarm all doors
  • Install four-sided fencing around pool area
  • Ensure that gateway into pool areas is self-latching
  • Ensure that gate latch is out of reach of younger children
  • Reroute or eliminate any doggie doors that have direct access to pool area
  • Enroll children in swim and water safety lessons
  • Undertake family CPR course
  • Maintain lifesaving and emergency equipment at pool
  • Establish and maintain pool rules

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