Three Injured in Northern California Boat Explosion

A trio of people are hospitalized after a Northern California boat explosion. The three injured individuals are said to have suffered what are described as serious burn wounds as a result of the blast. This particular California boat explosion occurred at Eureka Public Marina near midnight. Evidently, the cause of the explosion is not yet known.

Firefighters were said to be quick to respond to the explosion. With that said, the fire was so intense, by the time firefighters were on scene, the flames had fully engulfed the 30-foot sailboat. The wreckage following the explosion and fire left the watercraft beyond repair.

Despite not having made a determination as to the cause of the explosion and fire, investigators have noted that a similar incident occurred within 12 hours of this Northern California boat explosion. No information is yet available about the cause of the earlier explosion and fire. Investigators and other officials have said nothing about the incidents being related. With that said, they similarly have not made any statement about these incidents being unrelated.

After being stabilized at a local medical center, the three injured individuals were transported to a hospital out of the area. The thinking is that they have been taken to a medical center that specializes in the treatment of serious burns.

No other information is available about the victims, including their names. Their specific medical statuses have also not been released.

There is also nothing available regarding ownership of the boat that went up in flames. A number of possibilities exist when it comes to the ownership issue. The boat could be owned by one of the people who had been onboard and who was injured in the explosion and fire.

It is also possible that none of the people onboard owned the sailboat but that they had rented the watercraft. The boat could have been rented by another party.

Boat accidents in California are alarmingly commonplace, despite explosions involving watercraft generally not occurring that often. The following statistics are illustrative:

  • About 500 boating accidents occur in California annually
  • A peak year was 2007, when over 800 boating accidents occurred
  • Approximately 250 to 300 people are injured in California boating accidents annually
  • 2007 was a peak year for boating accident injures, with about 500 injuries reported
  • Between 45 and 50 people on average are killed annually in California boating accidents
  • 2007 was a peak year for California boating accident fatalities, with 55 people losing their lives
  • When it comes to California boating accident fatalities, 2011 and 2012 are not far behind 2007
  • 54 people died in California boating accidents in 2011
  • 53 people died in California boating accidents in 2012

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