Disgraced South Carolina Lawyer Alex Murdaugh Faces Additional Troubles from Drunk Boating Accident

Disgraced South Carolina Attorney Alex Murdaugh has made headlines time and again in recent months for one calamity after another. He is now the focus of a fatal boat crash that resulted in the death of a 19-year-old woman. Other passengers were injured in the catastrophic boat accident.

Investigators report that the boat was being operated by Paul Murdaugh. The boat was owned by Alex Murdaugh, the lawyer facing multiple civil and criminal actions for unrelated matters. Investigators also have reported that Alex Murdaugh was drunk while operating the watercraft. Evidently, Alex Murdaugh had given his son permission to operate the boat. Moreover, evidence indicates that Alex Murdaugh was well aware that his son had a propensity to operate a boat recklessly and while intoxicated.

The deadly crash occurred when the boat operator drove the watercraft into a piling. Two passengers were catapulted off of the boat, including the woman who lost her life. Her body was found two weeks after the fatal boat accident.

The investigation into the boat accident includes the following summary:

Alex Murdaugh knowingly and purposefully entrusted [the boat] to his son, Paul Murdaugh, under circumstances that he knew or should have known were unsafe and improper given Paul Murdaugh’s intoxication on the date of the events in question, and also due to Paul Murdaugh’s proclivity for underage drinking, and also due to Paul Murdaugh’s reckless and dangerous boating habits, all of which were known to Alex Murdaugh.

Other Legal Issues Involving Alex Murdaugh

The matters surrounding the deadly boating accident are not the only legal problems swirling around the former lawyer, Alex Murdaugh. His current problems include:

  • Nearly 50 criminal charges surrounding allegations that Alex Murdaugh stole money from his clients while practicing law
  • Insurance fraud, arising out his attempt to have himself shot and killed in order to permit his son the ability to collect money from a life insurance policy
  • Ongoing investigation into the death of a family housekeeper
  • Investigation into the death of a young man evidently associated with his son
  • Investigation into the death of his wife and another son
  • Claims regarding stealing money from the law firm at which he was an attorney

Alex Murdaugh currently is being detained in jail. According to the judge, the man’s detention is for his own safety.

In the process of all of this latest round of troubles, Alex Murdaugh has surrendered his license to practice law. He was facing disbarment anyway and the surrender of his law license merely works to take one legal issue Murdaugh is facing off the table, at least for now.

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