Man Killed in Table Rock Lake Boat Crash

Tragedy struck yet again at otherwise scenic Table Rock Lake when a 75-year-old man was killed in a boat crash. In this case, the operator of the watercraft improperly drove the boat ashore at a rather high rate of speed. The boat crashed into an embankment and then a tree, killing Elmer Dirck, a resident of Arkansas. The driver of the boat, Robert Rose and also 75, was uninjured, according to authorities.

Table Rock Lake is located in the Lake of the Ozarks region of Missouri. After the accident, Dirck was taken by life flight to Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. It was at the medical center that Dirck to succumb to his significant injuries. No specific information has been released regarding the precise nature of the fatal injuries suffered by Dirck in the Table Rock Lake boat accident.

As an aside, Table Rock Lake was the scene of the horrific 2018 duck boat accident. 17 people lost their lives in that catastrophic aquatic accident:

  • Angela Coleman, 45
  • Arya Coleman, 1
  • Belinda Coleman, 69
  • Ervin Coleman, 76
  • Evan Coleman, 7
  • Glenn Coleman, 40
  • Horace Coleman, 70
  • Maxwell Coleman-Ly, 2
  • Reece Coleman, 9
  • William Asher, 69
  • Rosemarie Hamann, 68
  • Janice Bright, 63
  • William Bright, 65
  • Leslie Dennison, 64
  • Bob Williams, 73
  • Steve Smith, 53
  • Lance Smith, 15

An investigation into the most recent Table Rock Lake boat crash is ongoing. Unfortunately, boat collisions of this nature are alarmingly frequent, not only in the Lake of the Ozark region but across the United States. Some of the most commonplace underlying reasons for these this type of fatal boat crash include:

  • Lack of proper lookout
  • Operating vessel at an inappropriately high rate of speed
  • Impaired boat operator
  • Inadequately trained boat operator

It is important to note that at this time none of these factors have been attributed to the crash that has most recently occurred at Table Rock Lake. There has been no indication thus far as to when more information about the underlying cause of the violent crash will be available. No time frame has been set for completion of the investigation. Multiple agencies are involved in the process at this time.

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