Lake Conroe Margaritaville Child Drowning Similar to Other Deaths at Resort

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A six-year-old girl lost her life in a drowning accident at Lake Conroe Margaritaville. The facts and circumstances surrounding the death of the young girl indicate that the Lake Conroe Margaritaville drowning accident was preventable. Indeed, the tragic incident last week in Texas is similar to another fatal accident at the resort company.

In 2019, a father and son lost their lives in a wholly preventable drowning accident at the company’s Margaritaville Waterpark at Lanier Islands in Georgia. The Doan Law Firm represents the family of the father and son killed in the Margaritaville Waterpark at Lanier Islands drowning accident.

In the Lake Conroe Margaritaville child drowning case, a six-year-old-girl was found face down in one of the resort’s pools. She was unresponsive when family members and others came to her rescue.

The young girl evidently had been wearing floaties when she initially entered the water. At some juncture, the girl evidently removed the floaties.

The child was transported to an area medical center. Not long after her admission into the emergency department, the drowning victim was declared dead.

The name of the child has not been released to the public or press as of this time. We do know that she and her family were in Texas on vacation from Louisiana. An investigation into the specifics surrounding the Lake Conroe Margaritaville drowning accident is underway.

Limited Off-Season Lifeguard Staffing at Lake Conroe Margaritaville

In the aftermath of the six-year-old girl’s drowning death at the resort, information became available about off-season lifeguard staffing practices at Lake Conroe Margaritaville:

  • November is off-season at Lake Conroe Margaritaville
  • During the off-season, Lake Conroe Margaritaville does not staff all pools with lifeguards on a regular basis as is the practice during tourist season at the resort
  • At the time of the girl’s drowning, the resort did not have lifeguards on duty at all of the pools on the property
  • Since the Lake Conroe Margaritaville drowning accident last week, we have learned that there was a lifeguard on duty at the pool in question at the time of the girl’s death
  • Evidently, the lifeguard assigned to the pool where the girl died by drowning had stepped away from his station and the pool at the time of the tragic incident
  • There is some indication that the lifeguard believed that he had “blocked off” a portion of the pool or taken a similar step before he departed the scene
  • By the time the lifeguard returned to his station, the girl had already been pulled from the water unconscious and was receiving CPR

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