Three People Dead, Up to 27 Injured in Point Loma Boat Accident Disaster

As many as 30 people were victims of a tragic boat accident off the coast of San Diego on Sunday. The Point Loma boat accident resulted in the death of at least three people and the hospitalization of approximately two dozen others in the Point Loma boat accident.

The vessel involved in Point Loma boat accident hit rough water at what is the entryway to San Diego Bay. The water in which the vessel capsized is known as a dangerous stretch of ocean off the coast of San Diego. Boaters and sailors described the area as being plagued by rogue waves. There is also a shoal creating challenges in the area as well. The bottom line is that a boat can end up in serious trouble if a crew doesn’t understand the steps and strategies necessary to maneuver safely through the area.

In this case, the Point Loma boat accident occurred when a yet-to-be named vessel struck a reef in rough water and broke apart. 30-some people aboard the boat were tossed into the turbulent water.

A witness shot a video of the boat disaster. The boat is seen the boat bobbing about in obviously rough surf, seemingly out of control. Waves are scene battering the vessel. The boat evidently crashed into a reef at this juncture. Ultimately, the watercraft can be seen leaning to one side before breaking into pieces. Before completely going to pieces, people onboard the watercraft are seen trying to climb over the side of the capsizing boat thinking they’d be safer in the water.

Information from the direct aftermath of watercraft accident reveals:

  • The passengers on board the boat were in immediate peril the moment they hit the water. They were sucked up and away on powerful currents and faced waves up to seven feet in height.
  • In little time, life vests and debris from the ship were scattered about the water. Evidently as people ended up off the vessel, they attempted to grab the life vests and put them on. Others tried to stay above water by holding on to debris from the watercraft. This was all to no avail.
  • 30 people are thought to have ended up in the ocean. As of late Sunday afternoon, three people have been declared dead. 27 people have been transported to several different local hospitals.
  • There is preliminary evidence suggesting that the destroyed vessel was involved in some sort of smuggling operation. Federal officials are involved in the rescue operation because the accident occurred in ocean waters.

Medical centers are being tight-lipped about the status of the injured boat passengers. What is known at this time is that three or four people were in serious condition, requiring CPR after being pulled from the sea. The remaining number of people taken to hospitals evidently did not sustain as serious injuries. With that said, there is no information about anyone being released from a hospital as Sunday evening approached.

Rescue efforts will continue into the night. Search and rescue has been hampered by somewhat inclement weather and rough seas. Over 100 people from multiple agencies are involved in the search and rescue operations at this time.

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