Three Unrelated Drownings Occur on Kern River

Amilcar Guardado, 37, of Los Angeles, was found floating face-down in the water near the Keyesville north campground on the Kern River at the beginning of the month, making him the first of three to die on the river in one day.

According to reports, Guardado was swimming in the Kern River near the campground area when he tried to pull himself out by a rock. He was unable to hold on, however, and was swept downstream. He was eventually found alive in a clot of trees near a bridge that crosses the Kern River and transported to the hospital, where he died, reports say. 

On the Kern River on the same weekend, EMS  then responded to a report of a body floating face down in the Kern River near the Keyesville area. The man, reported as Moises Aguilar, 31, of Panorama City, was recovered near the Keyesville north campground. Aguilar had apparently jumped into the Kern River and was swept downstream.

Then, later the same day,  David Medina, 44, of Montibello, was reported to be in the Kern River, fighting for his life. Reports say that he had been spotted as he was swept downstream. Minutes later, campers at Hobo Campground reported seeing a body, but Medina's body was never found.  

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