10 People Injured in Boat Accident Caused by Watercraft Operator with Multiple Prior DUI Convictions

10 people were injured in a boat accident on Smithville Lake in Missouri last week when a larger boat struck a smaller one on the water. All of the injured people were onboard the smaller boat at the time of the collision. The 10 people injured in the wreck were all taken by ambulance to area hospitals. The current conditions of the injured boaters are not specifically known at this time. With that said, all of the people injured in the Missouri boating accident are expected to recover fully.

The youngest person injured in the Missouri boat accident was a 2-year-old child. One 26-year-old has what are described as serious injuries.  

Drunk Boating Suspected Cause of Missouri Boat Accident

An investigation is ongoing into the Smithville Lake boating accident. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is leading the investigation into the boat accident. The focus of the investigation is on the driver of the larger boat that caused the accident, 41-year-old Michael Brittain.

As of Sunday, August 29, 2021, Brittain had been charged with careless and imprudent driving of the watercraft. There is evidence that alcohol was a factor in the boat accident and that Brittain was intoxicated or impaired while operating the watercraft. Officials from the Missouri State Highway Patrol have not clarified as to whether a breathalyzer was performed on Brittain (or anyone else) at the scene of the collision.

A representative of the state police indicated that Brittain would have been taken into custody at the time of the accident if he failed a breathalyzer. Official records indicate that he was not taken into custody at the time of the accident. He doesn’t appear to have been arrested at any time since the Smithville boat accident.

One person associated with the Missouri Highway Patrol told the media that performing a breathalyzer is not considered standard practice after a boating accident of this nature. The idea that a breathalyzer isn’t performed in this type of situation surprises many people associated with this accident. The feeling is that performing a breathalyzer test would be a standard practice in this type of situation.

A family member of one of the accident victims stated that Brittain motored away from the scene of the accident after it occurred. In other words, the family member contends that Brittain did not provide aid to those injured in the boating accident he caused. The contention that he fled the scene of the accident has not been confirmed by officials at this time.

Long History of Driving Under the Influence and Similar Offenses

If alcohol is determined to be involved in the Smithville Lake boating accident, this most definitely is not the first time that Brittain has been charged with alcohol-related offenses. Brittain has five prior driving under the influence arrests. Four of these DUI arrests were in the state of Missouri, one in the state Kansas. The first of his DUI arrests was in 2004, the most recent driving under the influence arrest having been last year.

Brittain has faced an array of other charges in the past as well that include:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Traffic violations of different types
  • Domestic battery
  • Burglary

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