The Grim Reality of Texas Child Drowning Deaths: Facts and Factors You Need to Know

After 2020 being a year in which many of us spent the bulk of our time at home because of the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic in Texas and across the country, we were relieved to be able to return to at least some semblance of a more “normal” life during the summer of 2021. That includes enjoying swimming and other aquatic activities. Children seemed to find a particular joy in being able to enjoy the 2021 summer months in pools, at lakes, and at oceanside. With our youngsters returning to the water, the grim reality of Texas child drowning deaths serves as a reminder that even in “better times” life can still be fleeting.

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for Texas children under the age of five, according to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. This is the Texas governmental agency charged with the sad task of compiling statistics about Texas child drowning deaths every year.

2021 Texas Child Drowning Fatalities to Date

As of August 2021, 63 child drowning deaths have occurred in the Lone Star State. The death rate this far in 2021 can be compared to Texas child drowning fatalities over the course of the past decade:

  • 2020 – 80 child drowning fatalities
  • 2019 – 87 child drowning fatalities
  • 2018 – 91 child drowning fatalities
  • 2017 – 77 child drowning fatalities
  • 2016 – 107 child drowning fatalities
  • 2015 – 75 child drowning fatalities
  • 2014 – 73 child drowning fatalities
  • 2013 – 82 child drowning fatalities
  • 2012 – 74 child drowning fatalities
  • 2011 – 90 child drowning fatalities
  • 2010 – 78 child drowning fatalities

A significant percentage of Texas child drowning deaths occur in residential swimming pools, including at single family homes and at apartment buildings and complexes. As an aside, in addition to Texas child drowning fatalities, a notable number of children also are the victims of a range of different types of injuries. These include traumatic brain injuries that can and do results in a lifetime disability in some cases.

Sobering Fact About Texas Child Drowning Deaths

The single most sobering fact about Texas child drowning deaths is that virtually every single fatality did not need to happen. Nearly all of the dozens upon dozens of child drowning deaths in the state of Texas in the past decade were wholly and completely avoidable. These children simply did not need to die.

Justice and Your Rights Following a Texas Child Drowning Death

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