Katy Lifeguard Drowns in Pool at Recreation Center

Regardless of who you are or how much swimming experience or training you have, the reality is that drowning accidents can happen to anyone—even lifeguards. Local news outlets have reported this week that 19-year-old lifeguard Dustin Kruthaupt, who worked at the Rosewood Recreation Center, drowned at the facility’s pool on Saturday, June 15, 2013. The recreation center is located in the Katy, Texas area. According to an ABC News article, Kruthaupt had been swimming laps and attempted to swim the full length of the pool without coming to the water’s surface. The pool is 25 meters long, as specified in an article in the Houston Chronicle.

The other lifeguards at the facility dragged Kruthaupt out of the pool and started providing CPR after they saw him rise to the surface and begin floating. After the Fulshear Fire Department arrived, CPR attempts were continued before he was transported by Fort Bend County EMS personnel to the hospital. Kruthaupt was pronounced dead at Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital. Foul play is not believed to be a factor in the pool drowning. An autopsy has been ordered for the purpose of identifying the specific cause of the death.

Sadly, Kruthaupt has joined thousands of people across the nation who suffer from fatal unintentional drowning accidents each year. There are many different things that can cause a drowning accident. Sometimes it happens due to mistakes made by the swimmer. In other scenarios, however, these accidents are caused by the mistakes and negligence of other individuals and entities. For example, if a pool or spa is not properly maintained by the owner, employees and pool visitors can be placed at risk. Or, if lifeguards are not given the appropriate level of training, they can end up putting their lives and the lives of others in danger. Sometimes, companies that build pools and their parts (such as drains) are the ones who are at fault.

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