Nine-year-Old Drowns in Club Swimming Pool

A nine-year-old drowned in a Kenner, Louisiana swimming pool recently after heavy rains closed the facility and the staff had been sent home, reports say.

Zaven Sears and a friend had ridden their bikes to the locked Driftwood Park Country Club pool about a mile away from their homes and evidently climbed a 16-foot fence to get in. The pool was supposed to be open that day from noon to 9 p.m. but closed early because of the weather.

Reports say that afternoon, Zaven and his friend scaled the fence and soon began jumping from the top of a one-story locker room building into the pool. Zaven jumped in and didn't emerge. Zaven's friend tried to rescue the nine-year-old and when he couldn't, climbed back over the fence and rode his bicycle away for help.

A pair of adults tried to assist, but with the gate locked, called 911. Zaven, who evidently could not swim, was last seen holding onto the side of the pool, but was found unconscious when emergency crews arrived.

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