Harlem Teen Drowns On Field Trip

Pressure for answers mounts in the drowning of a Harlem who died while on a school field trip.

Criticism has increased against inexperienced chaperones involved in the trip, mainly three adults who accompanied 24 students on the bus to Long Beach, and who reportedly ignored signs that advised lifeguards were not on duty on that stretch of the beach.

Reports say the students had travelled from school to a particularly treacherous stretch of the Atlantic Ocean. The trip, which was supervised by first-year teacher Erin Bailey, substitute teacher Joseph Garnevicus and intern Victoria Wong, a college sophomore from Syracuse University, was approved by Columbia Secondary School Principal José Maldonado-Rivera.

Schools in the New York area require consent forms to attend field trips, and those forms would have specified that the trip involved swimming. Education Department officials reportedly refused to say if parents signed required permission slips for the trip.

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