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Amusement Park Drownings

Have you lost a loved one in an amusement park accident?

If you have lost a loved one in an amusement park drowning accident, hiring an experienced drowning attorney to represent your case will considerably improve your chances of being able to successfully prove liability and be compensated for your loss. It is extremely important, particularly in cases involving the drowning death of a loved one that you choose your counsel wisely. At the Doan Law Firm, P.C. the only types of cases he represents are those involving drowning accidents and aquatic injuries.

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He has gathered extensive resources and the means necessary to investigate any type of aquatic accidents, including those occurring at amusement parks, and he does so with a vigor and assertiveness that is rarely found in other attorneys. He understands how difficult it can be to lose a loved one.

While there is nothing he can do to help you bring that loved one back, he can provide you with a sense of relief and help ease your concerns by knowing that your loved one's case is in good hands. In fact, he has such a complete trust is his team's abilities that he offers clients a no-fee pledge. You will not need to worry about paying any fees or expenses until you are awarded a settlement or verdict.

Hire a Skilled Drowning Lawyer to Represent Your Case

Certain amusement parks also have water parks on the grounds where individuals can:

  • Go swimming
  • Partake in various water activities
  • Go on the water rides
  • Enjoy themselves on a warm day

While these types of parks may appear to be safe, they are not always as safe as visitors may be led to believe. Having a few lifeguards on duty or a couple of signs posted warning people of potential risk is not necessarily enough to prevent water park accidents resulting in serious injury or death.

Many deaths occur each and every year as a result of individuals drowning at amusement parks. As with premises liability accidents, the owners, managers and staff of an amusement park have a legal responsibility to maintain the property and exercise good judgment when it comes to the safety of their visitors and guests.

Reasons for Drowning Accidents

Unless you are able to prove that one of the following exists, you will not have grounds to file a lawsuit or claim on your loved one's behalf:

  • Lifeguard negligence
  • Carelessness
  • Lack of proper maintenance
  • Inadequate safety measures
  • Improper staffing
  • Improper lifeguard training
  • Product defects

When you obtain his counsel, he will thoroughly review the circumstances leading up to your loved one's unfortunate death and advise you of the legal options for pursuing justice. He can then provide you with the representation you need to seek financial remuneration to help cover medical expenses, loss of support, pain & suffering, and more.

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