Pro Football Player Saves Drowning Child

Reports say Kansas City Chiefs NFL Pro Football player Leonard Pope saved a child from drowning at a Georgia swimming pool earlier this month.

Anne Moore, the mother of the rescued child, took her son, 6-year-old Bryson, to a pool party one Saturday and saw him go underwater. She began screaming for help.

Pope, who is also from the same town where the party was held, Americus, GA, dove into the water with no regard for his belongings, including a cell phone and wallet. Pope was the only adult at the pool party who could swim, reports say.

Pope, who has children of his own, heard the screaming and didn't think about the repercussions, immediately jumping in. He brought the child to the surface and handed him to his mother.

Pope, a tight end with the Chiefs, is waiting for the NFL lockout to be resolved so he can prepare for next season. In the meantime, he seems a handy guy to have around.

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