CPR Saves Boy From Drowning


A swift reaction by a camper saved a four-year-old who had sunk to the bottom of the pool, unconscious.

Sandra Loza, of Spring Valley, ONT, was in a Marseilles campground pool early in June when a youngster, Colton Hecker of Ottawa, walked away from his grandmother, Tina Larsen, and re-entered the water without supervision.

Loza, who was with her own children swimming nearby, noticed Colton motionless underwater. She pulled the boy from the bottom of the pool, dragged him out of the water and as he lay blue and unconscious, with no pulse, his eyes rolled back, she began performing CPR.

Assisted by another camper, Janet Huels of Chicago, and the grandmother - who had by then began looking for the missing boy -- they all worked to revive the child for nearly ten minutes before he began breathing on his own.

When emergency services arrived, Colton was rushed to Ottawa Regional Hospital for an overnight observation. He was released the next day in good condition, reports say

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