Understaffing Primary Factor in Near-Fatal Houston Drowning Accident

A comprehensive investigation was undertaken by the Houston Police Department in the aftermath of a near-fatal drowning at a public pool operated by the city this summer. The drowning accident occurred at the Houston Municipal Swimming Pool in mid-June. According to the report issued this week after an extended investigation, together with police reports from the time of the incident, a seven-year-old boy went down a children’s slide at the pool. Evidently, the boy was a non-swimmer.

After going down the slide and entering into the water, the boy was in obvious distress. A 10-year-old-girl came to the boy’s rescue and brought him to the side of the pool. At this juncture, a family member began to perform CPR on the unconscious boy.

The seven-year-old evidently had been unconscious for what is described as “an extended period of time.” He was revived thanks to the intervention of the family member.

911 was called and dispatched to the scene. However, there was some sort of ambulance delay. As a consequence, the boy was conveyed to Texas County Memorial Hospital in a private vehicle.

The boy was alert and in stable condition upon arrival at the emergency department. He was admitted to the hospital for observation overnight. The family has advised that the boy fully has recovered and apparently has no lingering health issues associated with the Houston drowning accident.

Lack of Proper Staffing at Houston Public Swimming Pool

The comprehensive nine-page report from the Houston Police Department made clear that the pool was significantly understaffed at the time of the near-fatal drowning accident this summer. Specifically, there were not enough lifeguards on duty to properly protect people using the pool and associated water features (including the slide). The report noted that because of the staffing deficiency, some parts of the pool area should have been closed down and not in use, including items like the slide.

Inattentive Lifeguards Contribute to Child Houston Drowning Accident

In addition to being understaffed, other deficiencies contributed to the near-fatal drowning accident of the elementary school age child. These included:

  • Inattentive lifeguards, including lifeguards not scanning their assigned pool areas as required
  • Lifeguards away from their stations at the time of the near-fatal drowning accident
  • Distracted lifeguards
  • Horseplaying lifeguards
  • On-duty pool manager not consistently on deck

Houston Drowning Accident Underscores Need for Swimming Lessons

As mentioned a moment ago, the boy involved in the near-fatal Houston drowning accident was described as being a “non-swimmer.” At the age of seven, a child is at a point in life at which a young person can successfully undertake swimming lessons. Experts suggest that by the age of five, most children are able to effectively complete swimming lessons.

Experts go a step further and indicate even younger children can benefit from swimming lessons. While a child under five may not be able to fully integrate what is provided in swimming lessons, a younger child is able to learn some basic tactics that can prove vital if such a young person ends up in the water. A younger child may be able to take away enough to take action to protect his or her self initially during a water emergency.

Legal Rights After a Houston Drowning Accident

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