Diving Board Drowning Accident and Drowning Lawyer

An injury from a diving board accident occurs every single hour on every single day in the United States on the average summer's day. Over 6,500 children and young adults will be admitted into the hospital every single year, directly resulting from injuries sustained from a diving board accident. Injuries sustained from diving boards can lead to results that are catastrophic, including:

  • Broken Bones
  • Paralysis
  • Concussions
  • Loss of Life

The consequences of all of these injuries can be financial, medical and completely devastating for the injured party and families, especially if a family has lost a loved one due to a diving board accident. Our diving board accident personal injury lawyers at The Doan Law Firm can offer you the compassion, support and the needed direction in order to pursue justice, fair and full compensation and hold the negligent party/parties accountable.

If either you or a loved one has sustained injuries as the result of a diving board accident contact The Doan Law Firm today for a free no obligation personal consultation. During your initial consultation we'll discuss all of the merits of your case, as well as the best path forward for litigation or a potential settlement. After taking your case we do so on a contingent basis. With a contingency fee you'll pay us no upfront costs, nor any fees throughout the duration of your case. We earn our percentage from successfully litigating or settling your diving board or drowning accident case. There's no fee unless we win, if we fail to win your case you'll never owe us a dime.

Dangers of Diving Boards

Anywhere that a diving board is installed a diving board accident can occur. All diving boards have an extraordinary risk for injuries to occur, no matter if they're a 25-foot platform for high diving or a 9-inch board in the backyard. Injuries can happen at any time, whether it's scaling up the ladder to get to the board or an injury on the board itself or when you're diving and enter into the water. There are many different causes of diving board accidents, which include:

  • Ladders That Are Unsafe
  • Defects from Manufacturing
  • Slippery Diving Boards
  • Maintenance or Installations That Were Done Improperly
  • An Inadequate Distance from the Diving Board to the Pool Bottom

Diving Board Accident and Drowning Lawyer, Contact The Doan Law Firm

The Doan Law Firm is experienced within all aspects of drowning accidents and drowning accident personal injury law. We have the compassion and the experience to aggressively pursue your case and get you the compensation and justice that you deserve. No amount of compensation will change your health or the loss of a loved one, but it will ensure that you're able to pay your bills and compensate you for your pain and suffering, as well as send a message that negligence is unacceptable.

It's the mission of our firm to fight for the rights of those that were harmed in any pool drowning accident, diving board accidents and others with a sheer tenacity and aggressive nature that will not only get you the needed compensation but also send that message of unacceptable negligence so others won't have to go through your same pain. For more information and to discuss your case contact a drowning accident personal injury lawyer at The Doan Law Firm today, 24/7/365, no matter the time of day or holiday at (800) 284-5983. We look forward to helping you soon.