Last-Minute Schedule Change Lets Sheriff Saves Drowning Man

Morrow County, Oregon Undersheriff Steve Myren pulled a Walla Walla man from the chilly waters of the Columbia River during a Fourth of July celebration, earlier this month, after filling in at the last minute to help control an overcrowded marina event.

Reports say that Myren got a late call to help patrol the marina during the fireworks show, but while on the boat, Myren spotted a woman with obvious concern who told him one of the boating party was missing.

It was reportedly nearly dark, so Myren began to look for the man, spotting what looked like a person far out in the water. When he arrived at the site, the watercraft the man had been on had almost sunk and the man was clinging to the side.

The man was taken to the shore, with the watercraft towed as well. The name of the youth wasn't reported.

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