Carnival Splendor Not So Much a Carnival for Shipmates

At around 6 a.m. last Thursday, the Carnival Splendor glided into the Port of San Diego, pulled by a group of tug boats. The 4500 passengers and crew were ecstatic the trip was over and they would be disembarking. And as they disembarked stories of primitive conditions and horrific smells - from the broken toilets and the food spoiling on board - plus the long lines for food were universal, reports say.

The Splendor fell far short of its name when, early into the seven-day cruise, a fire broke out in the engine room, knocking out power to the entire ship. So for the next several days, the ship simply drifted with the currents and passengers had to do without basic vacation amenities like hot food, air condition along and internet service. In fact, for a while, they didn't even have functioning toilets.

The boat, with the assistance of six tug boats and five Coast Guard ships, was towed for four days to the Port of San Diego. But it was Tuesday evening before the USS Ronald Reagan -- which was coincidentally in the area for training maneuvers - came to assist in providing food and other basic supplies to the dead ship.  So for the next few days, from the generosity of the USS Ronald Reagan, the 4500 had to subsist on Spam, Pop Tarts and a few odd pastries, reports say.

Carnival Cruises has reportedly offered each passenger a full refund -- plus another future cruise of equal value, hopefully, without the same issues. Carnival is also reportedly paying the tab for all costs in getting the 4500 people home, reports say.

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